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Your Pallet Rack and Compliance Experts

Founded in 2002 as Rack Net-Works, RNW is fully ISO 9001 certified. RNW has North America’s largest team of Professional Engineers dedicated solely to the safe operation of racking structures.


Years+ in Safety Inspection Excellence


Million+ Square Feet Of Racking Inspected


Thousand+ PSR Capacity Reports Completed


Thousand+ Building Permits Processed

Our Services

Expert Inspections

Has your warehouse racking been inspected in the past year? Contact the experts at RNW Rack NetWork to ensure the safety of your racking.

PSR Capacity Reports

Capacity Reports (Pre-start health and Safety Reviews) are required by all states and provinces. Request a quote from the experts at Rack NetWork today.

Building Permits

Let our engineering experts manage the building permit process.

CertiRack Products & Repair

Learn more about our top-quality repair and guarding products. All are certified by our Professional Engineers.


Want to train your employees to conduct routine rack inspections? Our training sessions provide the knowledge your staff will need.


Learn more about our internet-based solutions that allow engineers and inspectors to provide services remotely.

Tony Mulholland

Tony Mullholland (P.Eng) is the owner and Chief Engineer at RNW. With over 30 years of industry experience, Tony is widely considered to be the foremost expert in pallet rack safety.
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