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PSR (Pre-start health and Safety Review) Capacity Reports

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Ensure compliance with comprehensive warehouse PSR Capacity Reports (Pre-start health and Safety Reviews).

A PSR Capacity Report (Pre-start health & Safety Review) is required in all provinces and states. Employers may not load or operate racking until a PSR Capacity Report has been completed and sealed by a Professional Engineer.

Why PSR Capacity Reports (Pre-start health and Safety Reviews) are Required

A PSR Capacity Report is a technical document that ensures racking structures are compliant with local laws and regulations. The report evaluates the workmanship of the installation and the overall structural integrity of the racking structures.

Capacities are calculated for each individual storage bay. The report is written to allow maximum flexibility to reconfigure and/or expand the racking structures in the future. The report is stored at RNW and onsite so it can be referenced by the facility’s Joint Health & Safety Committee and by local government authorities.

Ensure workplace health and safety regulations are met with a PSR Capacity Report sealed by a Professional Engineer. 

FAQ- PSR Capacity Reports

What does PSR stand for?

Pre-start health & Safety Review. PSR’s are known as Capacity Reports in most areas.

Does my racking have to have a PSR Capacity Report?

Yes, all local governments require some form of a PSR Capacity Report. In Ontario, for example, Ministry of Labour regulation # 851, section 7 requires that employers must not load or operate racks until a PSR has been completed and sealed by a Professional Engineer.

What happens if I make a change, or addition, to my racking at some point in the future?

A PSR can be amended whenever changes are made to the rack. A good PSR is written in a manner that allows maximum flexibility to expand and/or reconfigure the racking at a future date.

How much does a PSR Capacity Report cost?

The cost of a PSR is largely a function of the number of different types of racking, and the number of elevations, in the facility. With a layout diagram and a few photos, we can usually provide a price quotation within 24 hours.

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