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Compliance – America

American Compliance Regulations

Companies have a responsibility to ensure that employees working around pallet racking and other types of racking systems are safe. Regular maintenance, rack inspections, and PSR Capacity Reports are necessary for compliance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines state that all facilities must have a program for “systematic identification of workplace hazards”.

Satisfying Warehouse Racking Safety Regulations

Regular site safety inspections must be conducted to identify new and previously missed hazards. There must also be a reliable system for employees to notify management about hazards.

The RMI Rack User Guide specifies that all pallet rack systems must be periodically inspected for damage (in most cases quarterly) by personnel independent of the warehouse. Deviations (damages and assembly errors) from the capacity documents must be identified, noted and addressed.

Follow the Annual Compliance Cycle to comply with current regulations:

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