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Compliance – Canada

Canadian Compliance Regulations

Warehouses and facilities with racking and storage systems may contain potential hazards and safety liabilities. Under the Ministry of Labour regulations, these facilities must conduct regular safety inspections to ensure regulations are met in all aspects of installation, maintenance, and repair, of racking systems.

Canadian workplace legislation requires that facilities with pallet racking shall conduct regular inspections.

Focusing on Racking Safety First

CSA regulation A344 says an expert inspector is a specialist under the supervision of a Professional Engineer. They must have knowledge and experience gained from inspecting many facilities.

The act specifies that the workplace must be inspected, workers must be trained and the racking must be maintained in good condition. Regulation 851 states that the capacity of the racking must be calculated and individually certified by a Professional Engineer.

Building Compliance on Training & Learning

At RNW Rack NetWork we believe we are partners with our clients when it comes to achieving Compliance. We believe that the foundation for a Compliance program is training & knowledge. The first step towards achieving compliance is having your staff trained to do inspections, and having them aware of the hazards that can be present if racks do not comply with regulations and standards.

RNW’s Compliance Cycle
Maintaining a Safe Workplace

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